Take these steps to get your rental deposit back after leasing

The deposit (the money that you pay before renting a house or apartment) is the thing that every renter has a love/hate relationship with. You hate it because it takes even more money out of your pocket (especially if you have to pay a deposit AND first month’s rent), but you love it because, if you play your cards right, you might just get that money back someday.

What you look like after paying the deposit and first month’s rent

Often, the determination of how much you receive back from your deposit is fairly arbitrary. Generally, the property manager is assessing how much work it will take to clean and make repairs as well as what is normal wear and tear as opposed to poor stewardship. The condition of the property prior to you signing the lease is also taken into account.

How the property manager look when they tryna figure out how much of your money they gone give you back

Don’t be looking crazy when the first of the month comes and you didn’t get your rental deposit back. Take these steps to get most (if not all) of your rental deposit back: 
• Write down EVERYTHING you see wrong (chipped paint, scratched floors, damaged drywall, carpet stains in the walkthrough before the property is turned over to you. Don’t let somebody else’s dirt mess with your money. 

Write down everything you see that is damaged or broken and give it to the property manager. These are your receipts for how well you took care of things.

• Donf be nasty. If you make a habit of keeping your apartment/house clean, there will be less to clean up on moving day.

If you keep stuff clean won’t be nothing to clean

• Deep clean often. Do it twice a year at the very least. Seriously. 

Deep cleaning is your chance to passionately smash every expectation.

• Communicate about maintenance issues. If you can’t make it look like it was never broken or if the repair requires something that can’t be undone, call maintenance.

Don’t be afraid to call maintenance when something breaks. It’s their job to fix stuff, and you’re usually not charged for it if it’s normal wear and tear.

• Set limits for your kids. Don’t allow food, drink, or anything that can mar or stain beyond the kitchen.

Make sure your kids act like they got some home training and don’t let them treat your rental property any kind of way

• Watch your pets closely. Clean up their messes ASAP and make sure they can’t destroy anything.

Don’t let Fido mess up your money.

• Pay attention to detail. Make sure your furniture or every day movements aren’t causing significant wear.

Pay close attention to your walls, baseboards, floors, etc. to make sure that your furniture and everyday movements aren’t causing unnecessary damage

• Keep hanging things on the walls to a minimum.

Hang only what is necessary for safety and function. Don’t put 50-11 screws and nails in the walls.

• When moving day comes, make cleaning top priority. Do a deep clean. I suggest starting this process at least two weeks out from moving day. As you clear rooms, make sure to leave them as clean as possible. There should be few signs you were ever there.

How you look on cleaning day when you’ve already been keeping your rental clean and deep cleaning regularly

When you rent, you’ve been put I. Charge of taking care of someone else’s property. Make sure you do a good job of it. 

How you be looking when that deposit check hit if you follow this advice


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