That BBC interview is the most important thing to happen this year

If you don’t know what I’m talking about then you’ve been living under a rock for the past three days. You can view it below:

As of the writing of this article, this video has almost 9 million views on YouTube. That pales in comparison to its nearly 80 million views on Facebook.

Every time I watch this interview, I find something new to fall out about. From the little girl’s strut to the fact that the mom runs in with her drawls showing as she tries to snatch them kids up, this is one of the best things to hit social media since the Bed Intruder.

But this mega-viral video is more than a good laugh. It’s just what our nation needed at this time.

Things have changed in these social media streets. I remember when the most annoying and divisive thing was people posting Farmville request like it was their job. Nowadays, it seems like we can’t agree on anything. Social media, yay this whole nation, is divided. It feels like we can’t go more than about 18 hours without some kind of pseudo-controversy that everyone feels that they have to comment on.

We’re divided. Black and white. Left and right. Democrat and Republican. Millennials and everyone else. We argue with our friends, family, neighbors, everyone. We unfollow and unfriend people because we don’t like their stance on social issues.

Everyone is laughing at this video. Yes, there has been some controversy, but for the most part, people are finding the humor in the situation.

In these times, we need humor. We need to find things that unite us. We need to laugh together.

Laughing together doesn’t erase the work that needs to be done in our society, but sometimes we need to take a deep breath and laugh together.


What do you think?

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