When sports merchandizing goes too far


So the MLB is licensing the production of caskets now. And Walmart is selling them. What kind of tomfoolery is this? 

I am a die-hard royals fan and have been for years. One of my prized possessions is my World Champions sweatshirt from 1985  (I wore it when I went to the ALCS in Baltimore last year). I would be happy with just about any piece of Royals merchandise…

…but this right here has me feeling some kind of way…

I know that there are people outchea who really love their sports teams. People name their kids after their favorite teams or sports heroes, so it would stand to reason that they would also want to remember their teams in their deaths. 

With that said, it just seems tacky that a professional sports league would license something like this as official merchandise. Do they not make enough money on shirts and hats? I feel like there are some areas of life that are sacred and shouldn’t be exploited to shamelessly make a buck. 

I also find it weird that someone would purchase a casket online from Walmart. I don’t care how tight my budget is, Walmart would be about the last place that I would shop for a casket. 

I have so many questions about how the whole arrangement works. Do they deliver? If they deliver, will they only deliver to a funeral home or church or does FedEx just leave it on a residential  doorstep? Is this a high quality casket? 

 Here is the product description: 



This casket comes emblazoned with an MLB hologram logo and a certificate of authenticity, because you’ll want to make sure that people know that your casket is officially licensed merchandise and not a cheap knock off if they ask. 

But wait, there’s more!

If you would rather be cremated, there is also an officially licensed urn that you can buy. 


For $600, you can place your loved one’s remains in a baseball themed urn.  Like the casket, it came with a hologram logo and its own certificate of authenticity.   


As if having this baseball-themed urn weren’t enough, it comes with an actual baseball that can be signed by friends and family. Please note that the baseball doesn’t come autographed. 

This is absolutely morbid and I want no part of Major League Baseball trying to make a buck off people in death. All of your professional baseball merchandise needs are accounted for from the cradle to the grave…literally. 


What do you think?

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