Kid Rock kicks the Beyhive

Kid Rock is a name that I haven’t heard since the year 2000, and I’m pretty sure that was also the last time he was actually any kind of relevant. That’s until today, that is.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Mr. Rockย pretty much blasted Mrs. Carter’s talent by saying that she is the biggest artist on the planet, but she doesn’t have a single anthemic song (I put that much more intelligently than he did). He also low-key called her a cow by saying that he likes skinny, buxom white girls (I also put that more intelligently than Mr. Rock).

Kid Rock thought that it was ok to throw shade at Beyonce, known to her fans as Queen Bey, Beysus, or simply Bey. He thought that one of the fiercest, most loyal, most rabid (and low-key crazy) fandoms in the history of fandom wouldn’t come for him. Kid Rock wasn’t ready.

The Beyhive, the loyalest of Beyonce’s fans (who also call themselves the Beygency), took to Twitter and Instagram and have been dragging Kid Rock by his stringy, greasy edges. This dragging has mostly involved spamming his accounts with the bee emoji (like I said, the Beygency is a little crazy), but there has been some other great shade and wig snatching taking place.

But why would Kid Rock even want to come for Beyonce? They don’t reach the same demographic. They aren’t competing for fans. The answer, most likely, is that Kid Rock needed some kind of publicity to help boost sales of hisย his newest albumย First Kiss (which is currently No. 5 on the iTunes charts).

Let this be a lesson to all. Don’t come for Beyonce; she’ll send for you.


What do you think?

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