My predictions for Downton Abbey Season 5 (Part 1)

My predictions for Downton Abbey Season 5 (Part 1)

I need to start this post with a disclaimer. I have access to the entirety of Season 5, but I have NOT watched anything beyond the first episode at the time of the writing of this post, so I’m not cheating in my predictions. You can read my recap of the first episode of Season 5 here. I will make more predictions as the season goes on.

Here are my predictions for the rest of the season based on the content of the first episode and the previews before and after:

  • Charles Blake will return and split Mary’s heart in two (again). Lord Hottie (Gillingham) and Mary look good together, but she chemistry and like-mindedness with Blake. I don’t think that homeboy has fallen off the map that easily. I’ll even go as far as to say that she ends up spending time with both men. That’s a little much and a little scandalous for Downton Abbey, but I’m trusting that they will handle it as tastefully as one can with such a subject.
  • Someone is going to find the picture of Rhododendron (Marigold) in Edith’s room and ask questions. I don’t think that it was an accident that she shoved the picture under her pillow and I think that it will be one of a few things that escapes the fire.
  • Anna and Bates will struggle with infertility. I think that it was hinted at in the first episode, but it will play a big part in this season.
  • Barrow’s luck will run out. Thomas has managed to escape being fired or something of that nature since Season 1. I think that his luck is going to run out and that he will no longer see employment at Downton. I think that Baxter will play a huge part in it because she’s going to find her voice and start telling all she knows. I also have a theory that Barrow and Baxter are actually related, though I think that might have been debunked in the first episode.
  • When Barrow goes, he’ll try to take Bates with him. Somehow, Thomas is going to find out what Bates did to Mr. Green and his final hurrah will be to tell what he knows in an effort to ruin Bates. I think that he might try to smear Anna by saying that she and Green had an affair.
  • Edith’s secret will come out and she’ll be banished from Downton. In the preview for the first episode, Robert yelled at someone to leave and never come back. I think that person is likely Edith. There is a finite amount of people that it could be. He can’t tell Tom to leave because they will lose Sybbie. He can’t tell Mary to leave because half the estate is hers and her son is the heir. He can’t banish Isobel because of George. He wouldn’t kick Rose out in that kind of way. And, of course, NOBODY TALKS TO THE DOWAGER LIKE THAT. That only leaves the servants (of which Thomas would be the obvious choice).
  • Isobel, Lord Merton, and Dr. Clarkson will be involved in a love triangle. It will be the most glorious, funny, awkward thing to ever happen and we’ll love every minute of it. I don’t know who she’ll chose or if she’ll chose anyone this season.
  • We will learn more certainly of Michael Greigson’s fate. I’m holding out hope that he’s still alive and that everything will be smoothed over with Edith. I doubt they’ll end up raising Rhododendron together, but at least she can have a little bit of happiness since she has been crapped on the entire series.

What do you think?

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